2012 Stealth T2250  EVO by Forest River

Forest River Stealth EVO, came to us with soft floor, upon inspection we found that the floor in bdrm (front of coach) is completely rotted. We pulled down protective Darco (underbelly) which, unfortunately held the water in place keeping the insulation wet. water drained out slowly for 2 days, and insulation was completely soaked., next we removed 2 side panels, exposing rot and A fungus that has grown along the bottom piece of wood, this fungus is also present inside along bdrm wall towards slide out.*** it is Important to state that this was Not from lack of maintenance*** The drip rail with rain gutter drips right above first compartment door where water came thru the compartment door hinges. At this point, and while water is draining, we move into the Bedroom, and remove faux wall, platform bed frame, night stands, and additional floor trim. Monday 3/13/17 removed lino in front compartment, and bedroom. removed sun floor in bdrm exposing a very we floor and you can see via the picture floor joist are rotted. removed subfloor rotted wood in front compartment.

Big Foot Camper

This Bigfoot Camper is set up for off grid. it supports 5 solar panels, 4 Life Line (gpl-5ct) AGM batteries w/ 300 amp hour each.

This project is slowly starting, on the outside the following is in process. Entry door has hole, and will be fixed, rt rear two compartments were dropping slightly, for the upper compartment the Batteries were removed and we added structure around frame, and will be adding floor support. Structure support was added to lower compartment. Rt. rear window, will be repaired, cleaned (in between the two panels), and re sealed. We use USA Replacement Auto Glass in North highlands Ca. because their work if flawless. Update unit was Sold in Sept. of 2017 customer stored it with us until March of 2018.

Fleetwood Pioneer 22′

This Pioneer came to us on 11/28/16 Time for new membrane. The tear down:on 12/1/16 Old membrane came off beautifully, however roof had a few spots of dry rot, including sections of rafters, and front area had 1″ standing water. Sat up fans to dry out areas. 12/3/16  Pulled/dug out dry rot, showed customer, fixed dry rot and waiting for rafters.12/6/16 Customer made and brought in new rafters, we made drubbers for added strength. we will be cutting rafters for placement of wiring, a/c ducting. and then  installing, this day, the 7th of Dec. December 9th, adding support channels in left side rear, and a small section on rite front. Installed insulation, and wood. Dec.10th Installed Roof Membrane. let sit 1 day then ready to re install a/c, 2 plumbing vents, 1 fan/vent, frige vent and seal. Dec 16th with roof done, we install new awning fabric that is the correct fit, for customers awning. Dec. 17th 9am customer picked up trailer.

Project Fleetwood Montara

We started this project today, Nov. 1st 2016 The roof, on the first 5 pictures, shows how this unit came to us, almost all of the membrane is gone, leaving only the membrane backing. Be it severe neglect from past owners, or simply worn  out, This Project will take a few weeks to complete.  Wed. Nov 2nd The removal of everything attached to the roof, pealing off membrane, and removing to sheeting. Nov 3rd 2016, with membrane off and everything else off the roof, we bring out the fans to help the roof dry out for at the very least one solid week. The Montara’s build has a channel that runs across the roof top, sides and rear, the wood, rotted, so with new sides made, this unit is slowly coming together.

Project Tahoe Floor.

This unit came to us as the drip rail position allowed water to drip right over D/S compartment door. The owner had noticed the bdrm floor felt  spongy. upon investigating, the following is noted: 3 joist needed to be replaced, water had traveled from front to front of wheel well.  The Process: removed bottom metal on D/S, removed D/S front trim, removed compartment on D/S, removed dry rot, prepped to replace. Replaced 3 joist, bottom plate, effected part of floor, effected side wall.



The 34′ Alpinlite came to us for a Rubber Roof Replacement. Monday  9/26/16 Washed off roof. Tuesday: we removed the A/C, Antenna, 3 plumbing vents 2 fantastic vents, 2 regular vents, and  satellite. We removed all side mld, front and rear mld. placed all on bench for clean and prep. Wednesday:Pulled off rubber roof membrane, saw that the only wood was 1/8th inch sheeting, much of the sheeting came off with the membrane. Thursday  we will remove dry rot, prep roof, lay down new sheeting and secure it to the roof. Friday: Sheeting done, time to cut sides, cut out for vents, antenna, A/C, satellite. Ahh Monday, we lay down Rubber Membrane, let it sit for 2 days and re installed all vents, TV Antenna, A/C, front, rear, and side rails,  re located & installed Satellite. Roof Project done.

Project Pace Arrow

Replace Rubber Roof

Wow, this unit came to us with severe neglect on the roof, its new owners found out the hard way while redoing the inside of there motorhome on a rainy day. This Unit complete story is the first subject found on our Blog.

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