Clean Your Roof
Clean Your Roof
Maintaining your RV’s roof is a simple process, which should be done at the very lease, twice a year. Whats entailed: Hose,soft RV Brush, bucket of hot water and a very mild detergent (like dawn) Once your done, its a good time to inspect the sealant around front and rear caps, all vents including plumping vents, TV antenna, Skylight (if you have one) for cracks.
If your a do it your self RV owner, The Product used to seal is dicor (self leveling sealant) if you have a skylight, use skylight sealant or dicor non leveling sealant. If, however, you would rather that your coach to us, (BDR) we give free roof estimates, Low cost roof washing, and great pricing on sealing your RV’s roof.

The Picture to the left is of a Motorhomes Fiberglass Roof, This coach had been sitting on property for four years without any maintenance.The roof was completely covered with Moss and dirt, A pressure washer was used, once everything was off we used dawn and washed the roof and sealed with a two part coating, a Wash Prep, then Sealant which was painted on with roller. The Sealant penetrates all tiny holes that occur in fiberglass roofs.

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