Helpful RV Tips

In selling your RV or Consigning your RV to a dealer to sell, a few things you should know. Selling Private Party, Take lots of pictures, All sides, and complete inside, this allows the potential buyer to see your coach prior to coming out. give detailed information of your coach (travel trailer, 5th wheel, motorhome) Price your coach via NADA Guide as a base, rate your coaches condition correctly and come to a fair market value.

Consignments:Consigning your coach to a dealership takes all the hassles of selling, You and the dealer will come to a starting price, and yes the dealer needs your bottom line price. The Dealer takes pictures, lists and shows the coach during there business hours, and for dealers who sell by appointments, and arranged time is agreed upon. Dealers normally will charge a fee for there service, this can range from a flat fee, a minimum fee and percentage, or a percentage. Some dealers will want to an inspection on the coach prior to consigning it, and some will have an inspection after its sold.

What is required by a selling dealer selling your coach: Safety! This includes tires, brakes, turn signals/flashers, fire extinguisher, LP system check. and for motorhmes: windshield & wipers, horns, e- brake.

Getting the Most from Selling your Coach: keep your coach maintaines, do yearly inspections on Roof, have it resealed, Tires are 5 years no matter what! wheel bearing pack every 2 to 3 years or 10,000 miles, If consigning to a dealership the dealer might suggest replacing decals, thus helping you get the most out of your RV. Let the dealer know what works, and what doesn’t, this to is very helpful. Keeping a well maintain coach is always important but when your ready to sell it, It will surly be a benefit to you.


Maintaining the RV Roof

Clean Your Roof
Clean Your Roof

Maintaining your RV’s roof is a simple process, which should be done at the very lease, twice a year. Whats entailed: Hose,soft RV Brush, bucket of hot water and a very mild detergent (like dawn) Once your done, its a good time to inspect the sealant around front and rear caps, all vents including plumping vents, TV antenna, Skylight (if you have one) for cracks.
If your a do it your self RV owner, The Product used to seal is dicor (self leveling sealant) if you have a skylight, use skylight sealant or dicor non leveling sealant. If, however, you would rather that your coach to us, (BDR) we give free roof estimates, Low cost roof washing, and great pricing on sealing your RV’s roof.

The Picture to the left is of a Motorhomes Fiberglass Roof, This coach had been sitting on property for four years without any maintenance.The roof was completely covered with Moss and dirt, A pressure washer was used, once everything was off we used dawn and washed the roof and sealed with a two part coating, a Wash Prep, then Sealant which was painted on with roller. The Sealant penetrates all tiny holes that occur in fiberglass roofs.

Where ever You choose to purchase your RV, You owe it to yourself to go up the ladder, or have the salesman,or person who is showing it to you, provide a ladder so You can Inspect the Roof! So lets take a look at This Roof:  (Pictures below are of a Rubber Roof)

lack of sealant, big patch on roof, androof is painyed
Closer view

To a new rv’er this might look like a good Rubber Roof, but closer examination will show that this roof was painted white, hiding large patch, failed sealant, and in some places no sealant.



When looking to purchase your next previously owned RV, beit from a dealer, dealership, or private party, make sure of the following: All appliances work, (have them turn them on or fire them up). make sure the RV’s Tires are in good shape, check the “DOT” (Department of Transportation) number’s, four numbers which is located on the side wall of the tires after the DOT The numbers represent, in this picture 43rd week in the year, and the year 2014