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  Dax was with us 24 / 7   Be it home or our shop. One of his favorite things is getting customers to let him in their RV’s. Once he has their approval he immediately, jumps on their sofas. the following is a few pictures of Daxs Passion.





Our customers Love Dax! and of course, they let him in.


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Our Dax lost his life to Hemangiosarcoma, He was active and doing his normal greetings and was quite the social butterfly.on Sunday we noticed his stomach was slightly distended, we took him for a walk thinking he needed to pee (Sundays are his favorite resting days) after our walk we still noticed his stomach was tight. We took him to emergency Vet MarQueen, After x ray, we wwere given the news. Hemangiosarcoma. There was Nothing they could do, there was no choice given.

Dax gave us 3 extreemly Blessed years, He was an incredibly melow dog that Love walks, Car rides, hi toys, Traveling across the USA, and Love it when our customers invited him to there RV’s. He We gave Dax Love, and a Very great life.

Hemangiosarcoma was, for DAX an unseen killer, I have read that it can be detected via blood test, yet we had Dax’s blood pnl done in mid 2018 Nothing found. Hemangiosarcoma is aggressive as it attaches and is fed by by the blood vessels and fill with blood. Because of this, the tumor can rupture.

If you notice your dog or cat’s stomach distended, and tight Call you Vet.
All dogs and cats after the age of 5years need to have there blood tested with chemistry once a year.

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